Every Website is a work in progress, and this one is no exception.  It changes from time to time as its owner changes.  Mostly it's a reflection of a few of the creative passions I pursue.

Polymer clay is a medium like no other and is the most versatile one I've used to date. It can be as simple as a jar lid or as complicated as a statue or the petals of a flower.  It can go quickly and take very little time, or it can take you days or weeks.

Tubular bead crochet, in contrast, is always a time-consuming effort.  A 22-inch necklace usually contains about 6,500 (or more) beads, each of which has to be strung by hand one bead at a time, and then every single one of those beads then has to be individually worked into the necklace, a process that takes many, many, many, many hours but results in a very unusual and beautiful piece of jewelry.

If you're passionate, it shows.  Enjoy your stay!